Weymouth and Portland

Visitors attractions and travel

As popular tourist destinations, both Weymouth and Portland have many attractions – these are just a few.  How many of these have you visited?  Could you describe them confidently to visitors?

In the following topics we will look at some of the key visitor attractions.  Some people may travel to these because they are staying elsewhere in Dorset; some will ask you because they want to know what they can do while they are in the area.  It is always best to experience these for yourself if you can – why not ask if any run special deals for tourism employees?  After all, they want you to be able to ‘sell’ the attraction to visitors.

Remember, the beach is always a major draw, along with walking, cycling, visiting the Jurassic coast, water activities and sports of all kinds are also available all along the Dorset coast.

Now visit the two topics below for some ideas about where people can have fun.  There is also some information on travelling to Weymouth and Portland.  You can take the quiz at the end of this topic, it can be accessed on the Course overview page – and if you pass you will be a Dorset Ambassador!