Dorset Ambassador County Module

Congratulations on passing the customer care quiz! The next step to becoming a Dorset Ambassador is to learn about the County of Dorset as a whole.  There are seven lessons in this part of the course, which will teach you who visits Dorset, why they come, what are the activities that they like to do and how they can travel around what is, after all, quite a large area….

Having completed the following sections you will have a basic understanding of what the County of Dorset has to offer.  Then to complete the course and get your Dorset Ambassador certificate you need to follow a more detailed section on one of five specific areas, but more of that later.

You work, and probably live, in a beautiful part of the country, and visitors come from all over the world to visit it. You are the best person to talk to these visitors, and they will trust what you say about it if you have the confidence to tell them.  Being a Dorset Ambassador will give you that confidence – and remember to smile!

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