Cultural Tourism

Welcome to the cultural tourism module of Dorset Ambassador. In Dorset Ambassador itself we learned how people visit this area because of the scenery, the landscape, the heritage, and the history of Dorset.

We also looked at some of the events that people come to experience in the county – especially festivals of different kinds – and the fact that people who travel may want to be entertained with music, theatre, dance and so on.

Dorset has recognisable film locations that visitors like to see for themselves. They love to paint the scenery; visit art galleries and experience county-wide events such as Dorset Art Weeks; explore hidden parts of Dorset on foot; see things that are different or unusual or lovely to look at – and experience local food and drink.

Someone who experiences any of the above is immersing themselves in Dorset’s culture; what makes Dorset a particular place to be. This type of visitor will often spend more money, and tell other people about their experiences; they will make sure they come back, and encourage other people to do the same.

In this module, we will give you more information on what different parts of Dorset offer to this type of tourist so that you can pass this information on to them.   Remember that cultural activities are great alternatives in wet weather; or out of season.

Culture is not just about the performing arts. To a visitor, it is about everything they experience while in Dorset – both what they expect from the county and the unexpected that it can offer. This includes performing and visual arts, crafts, festivals and events; but also the landscape, the scenery, and any links to literature, historical buildings and heritage. Food and drink are also important!

For more information on what is available in Bournemouth and Poole, home to some of the bigger performance venues, see Bournemouth Ambassador and Poole Ambassador.

At the beginning of each lesson are some words that sum up what people may be expecting from a visit to each place – its ‘story’ – remember culture is as much what makes a place unique as it is about the arts.

At the end is a short quiz to see how much you remember. We hope you enjoy learning!




Principal photography: Maisie Hill

Inside Out Festival image: Tony Gill

Dorset Arts Weeks image courtesy of Suzy Rushbrook

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